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Saint-Petersburg "Liven" Limited Liability Company has been carrying out its specialized scientific and environmental activities since 2004.

The company specializes in improving the physical and chemical characteristics of fire extinguishing agents, including chemical modification of the water.

Practical interest in this subject has developed over recent years and comes primarily from fire-prevention staff, and has grown because of a number of negative consequences of the most common extinguishing agent - water. Knowingly excessive amounts of water are applied to the source of the fire, and because if it's specific physical properties, only a small part of it results in performing useful work. Hence, the result is increased time of fire suppression, large secondary damage caused by the spillage of large amounts of water that "didn't work", and not always justified forcing and over-working of the pump units and fire-fighting vehicles and the over-use of the FFA (fire-fighting agents).  The switch over to new technologies is also dictated by economic factors, in particular, by the growing deficit (and cost, of course) of water in many regions of the country.

The use of modified water can reduce water consumption during fire suppression by 50-70% for conventional barrels and 25-30% for high-pressure barrels.

At a practical level in today's standard operations, modification of the water and, in particular, reduction of water surface tension grade is achieved by adding to the water a small amount of conventional liquid foaming agent. However, this is not an optimal solution because the dissolution of the foaming agent directly in the tank leads to rapid corrosion and then PO supply from the pump becomes complicated due to discrete characteristics of its standard feeder.   (?)

Our specialists have developed and implemented a cartridge - "Liven-TS" TU 2481-002-15231343-2004, which is based on using modern domestic surface-active agents (surfactants), enhanced with our company's proprietary additives.


These cartridges are suitable for special fire-house barrels of both foreign and  domestic production ("NPO ORT" LLC, Voronezh).  The latest development of "NPO" C LLC allows you to use the cartridge with a barrel inlay inserted into the line.  This, in turn, makes it possible to use the cartridge with virtually any type of fire-house barrels. 

"Live-TS" cartridge in set with «ORT-50PAV» inlay

"Live-TS" cartridge in set with «ORT-50PAV» inlay

"Live-TS" cartridge in set with «ORT-50PAV» inlay

The practical application of the cartridge with a solid wetting agent in fire brigades of St. Petersburg, Russia has confirmed it's characteristics as stated by the company.  And demonstrated it's high efficiency in extinguishing various types of fire, including the peat-bog fire.   (Please refer to the video on the company's website.)

Additionally, during the testing we discovered certain positive aspects of  the product which previously had slipped our attention.  These include the ability of the cartridge to steadily erode during use even with abruptly negative temperatures, and to drastically reduce corrosion problems.

Low-ratio foam which is formed by the erosion of the cartridge with the addition of foaming agents, can be used year-round, as the cartridge can be kept in the car contantly even with temperatures ranging from plus 40 degrees C (100 degrees F) to minus 40 degrees C (-35 degrees F).

At present, we are developing solid ink cartridges with foaming properties corresponding to the type of foam - medium or high multiplicity in accordance with GOST 5058. 

Along with promising a better product - a solid foaming agent to improve efficiency in using water for extinguishing fires - our entire organization has been developed and implemented in accordance with environmentally safe biological foaming general-purpose software - 6YUP TU 2481-001-15231343-2003. 

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